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Creating a culture of Nonviolence

What is nonviolence?  Is it about being passive, nice? At best a pacifist, at worst  a doormat? The Grail Sydney ran a one-day seminar, "Moving together towards a culture of nonviolence" on 10 September to begin to explore the question of what violence and nonviolence are. Through talks, small group work, role plays and film,…
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Grail summer school in Portugal

The Portuguese Grail summer programme of Women, Theology and Mystics was attended by 25 women in the beautiful and tranquil setting of the Grail house in Golega -- a town famous in Portugal as the site of the much less tranquil National Horse Fair every November. Most participants at the Grail summer programme were Portuguese,…
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Grail NSW endorse anti-TPP plea to Federal MPs

Grail NSW/ACT and the GJOP recently joined other concerned groups in supporting AFTINET's letter of concern about the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement). The letter calls on Federal parliamentarians to support a Senate Inquiry into the TPP and to commit to vote against the TPP’s implementing legislation when it comes before the parliament. The…
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Grail NSW says No to Baird govt Bills

NSW Grail members and supporters have lodged a submission* against proposed changes to five state laws which protect native species and habitat.  If passed, the legislation is likely to increase broadscale land clearing in New South Wales and reduce biodiversity, in a move described by the Environmental Defenders Office (NSW) as "retrograde". The full submission…
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