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Grail NSW endorse anti-TPP plea to Federal MPs

Grail NSW/ACT and the GJOP recently joined other concerned groups in supporting AFTINET's letter of concern about the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement). The letter calls on Federal parliamentarians to support a Senate Inquiry into the TPP and to commit to vote against the TPP’s implementing legislation when it comes before the parliament. The…
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Grail NSW says No to Baird govt Bills

NSW Grail members and supporters have lodged a submission* against proposed changes to five state laws which protect native species and habitat.  If passed, the legislation is likely to increase broadscale land clearing in New South Wales and reduce biodiversity, in a move described by the Environmental Defenders Office (NSW) as "retrograde". The full submission…
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Water justice – what’s it about?

Unlike 'climate change', the term  'water justice' is not on everyone's lips just yet but individuals, groups and governments are becoming increasingly concerned about the problems of water waste, scarcity and especially, privatisation of water by corporates. In the latest edition of the GJOP bulletin, Mary Boyd (Grail Canada) tells of a 'Water Justice toolkit'…
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