IC 2015 meeting in Sydney

IC 2015 meeting in Sydney


The Grail is an international women’s movement with members in 21 countries.

Grail links to the United Nations (UN)

The Grail is linked formally with the UN in two ways:

    • The Grail in its own right has consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on all matters concerning women.
  • The Grail is also a founding member of UFER (International Movement for Fraternal Union among Races and People), which maintains a permanent representation with ECOSOC (UN, New York) and UNICEF (Geneva).

Some Grail members in the USA have formed a Grail-UN resource group which works particularly with the Commission on the Status of Women and the Commission on Sustainable Development.


  •  An International General Assembly (IGA) is convened every five years.  It is composed of delegates from countries where the Grail is established and other persons who together represent what is vital and operative in the Grail and is preceded by a time of consultation with the whole membership. The Assembly is concerned with strengthening unity of spirit and purpose and giving fresh impetus to the varied expressions of the common mission in different social and cultural contexts. The Assembly is the primary decision-making body of the International Grail.
  • An International Leadership Team (ILT) consisting of three Grail women is elected every four years by the whole membership. The ILT offers creative stimulus and fosters continuity of development in line with the decisions of the IGA.
  • An International Council (IC) meets between IGAs to reflect on the progress of actions and decisions determined by the Assembly. The Council consists of the ILT and a representative from each member country.

International Opportunities

See here for opportunities to engage in international Grail programs.