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Signs of Hope for the Australian Catholic Church

While the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference and Catholic Religious Australia issued a media release on the first of May , the secular press has so far ignored it, and even in Catholic circles the news is slow to emerge.  Perhaps most peoples’ eyes glaze over when they see or hear the words “governance” or “structures,”…
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Pacific News | The Cultural Impacts of Deep Sea Mining in Papua New Guinea

For year’s Canadian company Nautilus Minerals has been planning the world’s first commercial deep sea mining project in history at a site 29 kilometres off the coast of Papua New Guinea (PNG). In previous issues of Pacific Outlook, we have delved into the catastrophic environmental effects that deep sea mining is likely to have on…
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Pacific News | Renaming the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is mulling a change of its colonial-era name to a new one that reflects its indigenous Polynesian identity. The move follows calls by indigenous activists to drop the colonial moniker - which remembers Captain James Cook, who visited the islands in the 1770s - in favour of a name in the Maori…
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