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The Grail Meets Laudato Si’

The Grail, an international movement of women and active in Australia for 80 years, has been deeply influential on several generations of Australian women. We recognise that the young women of today will play a defining role in shaping the future of our planet. That's why we've created a new program to give young women…
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Exploring the Theme of Lament During This Lenten Season

There is much happening in our world that gives us cause for lament, and this can lead us to feel isolated and disempowered. By coming together in our lament we can tap into our collective strength and support each other in our journey toward hope. That is why we're bringing you a program of weekly…
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The Grail Visits Bribie Island

On the 3 - 5 November, the Queensland Grail group held a retreat at Coungeau House on Bribie Island. According to Ann Aboud, "It was a great success! We met up with people who had known the Grail in the past and were pleased to make contact again, and also with people who would like to…
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