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A Personal View of Six Discernment Papers for the Plenary Council

We are all familiar with Karl Rahner’s statement,  “The Christian of the future will be a mystic or will not exist at all.”  The more I advance on the Plenary Council journey, the more it seems to me that the Church of the future will be synodal or will not exist at all.  This makes…
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New momentum for the Plenary Council?

Just as momentum was ramping up for the Plenary Council 2020, Covid-19 hit, Australia went into lockdown and suddenly life as we knew it stopped.  The Plenary was postponed for a whole year, giving those of us who care a blessed extra year to read, reflect, dialogue about and discern the future of the Catholic Church…
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Signs of Hope for the Australian Catholic Church

While the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference and Catholic Religious Australia issued a media release on the first of May , the secular press has so far ignored it, and even in Catholic circles the news is slow to emerge.  Perhaps most peoples’ eyes glaze over when they see or hear the words “governance” or “structures,”…
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