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The Plenary Council is a personal and a communal journey

The Plenary Council can and should be about our transformation and the dawning awareness that we are first and foremost a community of faith-filled people trying to follow Jesus of Nazareth. Catholic laity don’t have to wait for anyone, priest or bishop or lay leader, to invite them to the table of Listening and Dialogue…
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Discernment: to be willing to be changed

The Plenary Council is not what the Bishops will do in October 2020 and beyond. It is about what we, the people, have been doing and will continue to do through communal listening, dialogue and discernment.

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A Laywoman’s Perspective on the Plenary Council So Far

Where are we at now with the Plenary Council 2020 process, set in motion last Pentecost The Listening and Dialogue phase is due to come to an end on Ash Wednesday, 6 March 2019? What can we say about what has happened so far? From my admittedly limited perspective, I can make a few observations.…
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