CSW – Nour

Reflections on CSW59 and The Grail

Attending the 59th session of CSW at the United Nations headquarters in New York in March 2015, widened my understanding of the global economical and social injustices especially for women. Many NGOs and women’s organisations came together to collaborate with governments and advance global human rights for women. I was inspired by the power of the human spirit and the voices of women from around the world.

I got to experience the Grail as an International movement, meeting many Grail women and girls from around the world and learning about the various projects they are involved in to make a difference in their own communities and other parts of the world. I was touched by the warm hospitality of the Grail in New York and Cornwall and the friendships I made in such a short time.

I am grateful to the Australian Grail for the opportunity and the encouragement to participate in the CSW. I know the friendships we formed in NY will deepen as we continue to journey together.

Nour Barcha (Grail Sydney)