What We Do

The kind of transformation we long for requires a profound and courageous commitment TO CARE.

As Grail women, we feel a great responsibility to deepen our understanding of current situations and forces for change, both local and international, and to keep learning how to respond more effectively.  We express our common vision through our individual activities and relationships, in collective Grail projects and through the networks and alliances we form with other groups who share our values.

As a group ..

..we meet at our regional centres once a month to reflect together and to plan collective action around.

As individuals ..

..we are engaged in our world in many ways: in the work place and family life;  through creative arts and crafts; in community building;  pastoral care;  neighbourhood environment projects;  civil society actions;  in ecumenism and interfaith relations;  accompanying refugees and migrants on their journey in a new country;  being with indigenous people in their search for recognition and reconciliation;  in study, reflection and prayer.  We also love to celebrate together!