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The Call to Ecological Conversion

This is the text of a talk given by Sydney Grail member, Tricia Gemmell in May 2016.

“..Eco-spirituality…is based in a belief in the sacredness of the entire created universe, in the Divine Mystery being not only the source of all creation but also the sustaining power within it, and in the belief of the interconnectedness of all life.  It is about living a life that seeks to care for the earth, that engages with the environmental crises of our time and place, and that longs for and works for justice for all creatures.  And it is marked by attitudes of reverence, wonder and gratitude.  It is a spirituality that heeds the call to ecological conversion within the Christian vocation…”


Grail in Australia history (1981 – 2016)

Part of a larger international project collecting the histories of the Grail in different countries, here is a brief history of the Australian Grail between 1981 and 2016.