Social Transformation

May 2015 seminar: "Democracy. Let's Do It. For a Change."
From L to R: Alison Healey (facilitator), Justin Whelan (Pace e Bene), Nivek Thompson (new Democracy Foundation), Samara Barchet (Sydney Alliance), Gareth Hutchens (Fairfax Press)

Grail women strive to be women of living faith, transforming the world to a place of peace and justice.

We do this by raising awareness about societal issues through hosting public seminars and workshops, through supporting the social justice and peace initiatives of our members and through our networks.

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Raising awareness

The Grail Sydney centre holds a number of public seminars or workshops each year on a range of topical issues.  Themes have included:

  • new ways of  engaging with democracy
  • ecological sustainability in a capitalist system
  • reforming the Catholic Church
  • shortcomings of the prison system
  • racism in Australia
  • should Australia have a Bill of Rights

Watch the Events calendar for upcoming seminars or contact us to be added to the Sydney Events mailing list.

Climate action

Caring for the earth has always been a part of our Grail ethos, but since the 2018 International General Assembly it has become an established priority.  In Australia we have regularly offered workshops and seminars drawing attention to environmental and ecological issues, while national Grail retreats in recent years have been steeped in study and reflection on Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’.   

We are members of ARRCC (Australian Religious Response to Climate Change) and FEN (Faith Ecology Network) and have published numerous articles on eco-theology and climate justice on our web pages. 

Catholic Church reform

The Australian Grail are taking a deep interest in the Plenary Council process and the potential it offers for renewal and reform.  We have engaged in both the Listening and Dialogue phase and the Discernment phase, and will continue to engage in whatever public forums are offered for continuing discernment.  Our blog posts reflect the journey we are on in learning how to become a humbler, listening and discerning community of believers in service to one another. 

Peace and Nonviolence

The Australian Grail has an abiding interest in working for peace and justice using assertive and nonviolent means.  We have connections with other peacemaking groups such as Creators of Peace,  Pace e Bene and Pax Christi .   Peace starts with us –  so we strive to create inner peace and resilience to enable us to channel peace in our interpersonal and wider engagements.

Days for Girls project

DfG is an international initiative which provides washable feminine hygiene kits to girls and  women who would otherwise go without. Their DfG kit enables them not to miss valuable days from their education or employment.

Women volunteer time to the project to sew the components for the DfG kits: 2 waterproof shields, 8 liners and a string bag. The kits are completed by the addition of a face washer, 2 pairs of undies, a small cake of soap and a zip lock plastic bag (used to wash the liners).

Grail members have acted as co-ordinators, packers and liaison with local parish women who undertake a large part of the sewing tasks. They have also taken kits to Papua New Guinea.  Contact with this project continues