Who We Are

The Grail in Australia is part of an international movement and community of women who share the same vision. We are diverse in age, ethnicity and experience, in different life situations, and with a variety of gifts and skills.

Women are drawn to the Grail for different reasons: some seek contemplative practices, some seek community, some are drawn to activism.

Participation in the grail

Participation in the Grail is flexible, allowing women who share Grail values to join in the life and work of the movement to varying degrees at different times as their life situation allows. As women grow in understanding of the Grail, they may choose to identify themselves explicitly with its vision and mission. They take part in specific programs and experiences which challenge and deepen their involvement and they then seek acceptance into the Grail as responsible participants willing to make their personal contribution to its solidarity and endeavours.

The Grail also offers the opportunity and context for women who feel a personal call to dedicate their lives to God in the world. After a period of discernment and particular preparation for this, they make a formal act of dedication, in which they freely undertake to live simply and in celibacy in a spirit of community, available with all their personal resources for the mission of The Grail.

If you are interested in participating in The Grail, please contact us to find out about our Introduction to The Grail program.


A history of The Grail in Australia can be found here.


The National Grail Centre is located in Sydney. There are active Regional Groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and North Queensland. Regional groups meet monthly for reflection and planning. A National Assembly involving all members, is held every four years

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Avila’ - National Grail Centre in Sydney
Avila’ - National Grail Centre in Sydney

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