Theology & Spirituality

Spirituality underpins everything we do as Grail women. It lies at the heart of our identity.

We seek to understand and deepen our faith and spirituality in numerous ways: through liturgy and prayer, engagement with various theological and spiritual resources, through times set aside for reflection and discussion, through our regular Food for the Soul (see below) evenings  and, finally, through a variety of activities designed to stimulate inter-faith understanding. Grail women also have the opportunity of belonging to the international Spirituality Network, which puts them in contact with women around the world, engaged in a conversation around matters of theology and spirituality.

Grounded in the Catholic tradition, the Grail has become an ecumenical movement open to women of other traditions and spiritual journeys.

Grail groups have proved to be a sustaining resource for women who feel unsupported or disillusioned by their church and unaccepting of some traditional theology, but still search for the Spirit in their lives.

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We see Eco-Spirituality, underpinned by a large and growing body of eco-theology and affirmed by Pope Francis’ recent encyclical (Laudato Si’) as central to our lives.  It is not only about our care for creation but also about our relationship to God through all the works of creation and it demands of us ongoing ecological conversion.  Many scientists and theologians recognise that this conversion of heart and mind is essential for motivating us to change our lifestyles for the sake of a flourishing and just future for all life on earth.

See PublicationsThe Call to Ecological Conversion by Sydney Grail member, Tricia Gemmell and the latest Ecospirituality blog posts.


Food for the Soul
‘Food for the Soul’ is our practice of lectio divina held regularly at Grail centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The group chooses a text from the Bible, or a sacred writing from another religion, or other acknowledged spiritual work, depending on what participants are attracted to at the time. By silently meditating on chosen reading and then sharing our responses  to it , we have found insight, nourishment  and strength for our journeys as well as love and fellowship. 

All are welcome at any time.  No prior reading is needed.

See the Events Calendar for times and locations.

Reflection Mornings

Reflection mornings from 10 am to 12 noon are held at the Grail Sydney centre six times a year. Refreshed by tea and homemade biscuits, we have an hour of silent meditation on a mixture of readings,  taking advantage of the beautiful garden if the weather allows, and then re-gathering to share our thoughts. Our aim is to provide an oasis of calm and quiet in our busy lives, where we can reconnect with God, ourselves and the world around us.

All are welcome.  See the Events calendar for information about upcoming Reflection mornings.


Australian Grail women have actively sought to learn of and from other faith traditions.  The Sydney centre has hosted talks by Swami Sridharananda (Vedanta Centre of Sydney), Imam Afroz Ali (Al Ghazzali Centre), Zuleyha Keskin and has run an interfaith study group exploring Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

The Brisbane group also seek to deepen their own spirituality through exploring the spirituality of other faiths – Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism. Sikhism, Judaism — an activity which includes visiting different places of worship.

“Meditating on the four Buddhist Brahma Viharas of lovingkindness, compassion, appreciative joy (being happy for others without envy) and equanimity is totally compatible with Catholic spirituality. We appreciate the five pillars of Islam: Belief in God (imam), prayer (salat), charity (zakat), fasting (sawm) and pilgrimage (hajj). Visits to mosques, temples, synagogues are opening our minds to the beliefs and practices of other faiths while strengthening our own. Attendance at the Melkite Mass in the Byzantine tradition continues to broaden our understanding and practice within our own faith.” (Ann Aboud, Brisbane Grail member)