Who we are, what we do & why we do what we do

Terese 1 min 30 secs_Moment

Terese’s Story

Terese is a psychotherapist and spiritual director. She is married with four adult children, many grandchildren and a large dog. Terese has pursued many interests
and loves in her life – her family, sport, music, drama, but psychology and the meaning of our lives has always driven her to explore and question, learn and grow. Social justice issues and our spiritual, faith-filled response to the big issues are therefore very significant to how Terese lives her busy life.
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Sheila’s Story

As a child, Sheila had an enduring fascination with children from non-white backgrounds. This eventually took her from the Riverina farm where she was
born and raised, to many diverse countries, especially Pacific Island nations as the Australian Grail responded to a Papua New Guinean Bishop’s request for teachers to support women’s and girls’ education. Sheila retains a very strong connection with PNG. She also spent 11 happy years working on the personal staff of NSW Premiers, McGirr and Cahill.
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Ruth’s Story

Ruth first met the Grail as a school girl and has remained a member all her adult life. She has been a teacher, an educator and an activist and is passionate about
spreading the methodology of Brazilian educator, Paolo Freire. Ruth spent some life-changing years in East Africa teaching English, challenged by cultural differences and living in poverty. The Grail vision – working with women to create societies that are just, equal, peaceful and loving – has been her guiding light.
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Kay’s Story

Kay is married with five children and thirteen grandchildren. She first met the Grail in the 1960s and joined in the 1970s. She has served on the National
Team and the International Formation team. After studying Arts/MAppl Science as a mature-age student, Kay worked for many years with marginalised families in inner Sydney. Since retiring, she has also joined Creators of Peace, part of an international movement also working for peace and transformation of the world.
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Fran’s Story

Fran Warner is a second generation Grail member, following her Mother who met the Grail as a student in the 1940s. Fran has been involved in Grail activities for
Mums with very young children, for young adults interested in faith and justice, and has been on Grail Exchange with her husband Bill in Uganda. Fran is now retired after life as a secondary teacher, and enjoys being a grandmother.

Tricia’s Story

Tricia is a wife, mother and grandmother and mostly retired from teaching Latin and French. In the Grail she serves on the National Team, leads the International
Spirituality Network, runs regular reflection mornings and belongs to the working group for Australian Women Preach, a joint Grail/WATAC project. She has various ministries in the Catholic church, where, inspired by Pope Francis, she particularly hopes to engage others in lifestyle conversion to cherish and care for our mother earth.

Elizabeth’s Story

Liz is married with three adult children and two grandchildren. While Catholic in her DNA, Liz is much more than her DNA. She is a member of the Grail, a member at
Pitt St Uniting Church and a Spiritual Director with a passion for listening “among the fringes.” Liz is involved in weekend breakfasts for those living with homelessness, and follows this once a month with Food for the Soul at St Pats – an hour for reflective, contemplative circle sharing.

Nour’s Story

Nour is a practicing physio who is passionate about health and living life to the full. Her childhood background in Lebanon during the war has made her
keenly aware of injustice in the world hence her attraction to the Grail which she sees as a haven of peace and deep listening and center for social justice action. She is co-ordinating the Australian Grail Fistula Project with a Masai community in Tanzania.