Get Inspired by Women of Vision in 2018

November 8, 2017

Women of Vision has been described as “a book that expands significantly public knowledge of the contributions of Catholic laywomen to church and society over the past century.” It tells the story of 16 of the founders of the International Grail movement.

In our 6 reflection mornings this year, we will look at 6 of these pioneering women of faith. Their stories challenge us to consider what it means to be people of faith today and what it is we might be called to do in our own time of great change.

The program is as follows:

13 February 2018:  Lydwine van Kersbergen - advisor to Dorothy Day, friend of Catherine de Hueck, one of the founders of the Grail in both Australia and America.

10 April 2018: Rachel Donders - International President (1949-61), worked in the Grail in many countries, including 12 years in Japan.

29 May 2018: Frances van der Schott - one of the founders of the Australian Grail.

17 July 2018: Elizabeth (Bep) Camanada – one of the founders of the Grail in Brazil.

11 September 2018: Antonia (Ton) Brouwer – spent 22 years in Africa.

13 November 2018: (Maria) Teresa Santa Clara Gomes – founding member of the Grail in Portugal, member of Parliament, fulfilled several international leadership roles.

The reflection mornings will be held at The Grail Centre, 22 McHatton Street, North Sydney, on Tuesdays from 10 am to 12 noon. The Grail Centre is well served by public transport (bus and train) and 2-hour parking is available in McHatton Street from 9:30 am.

For more information or to register your interest, please contact: