Remembering the Grail’s role in Mackay

June 2, 2016

2016 MackayEDITED2The Catholic Church in Mackay recently celebrated its 150 year (1866 -2016) presence there with an exhibition and commemorative mass.

The Grail's work in Mackay was remembered at the exhibition with a colourful Grail banner and several photos and publications which recalled its work at 'Ballybrac' from 1955 - 1984.  What began as a hostel later branched out to meet the needs of the times including a centre for training catechists.  During the Whitlam government, the Grail in Mackay also made three submissions to the Commission of Inquiry into the Status of Women, contributing in the areas of 'The Status of the Homemaker',  'The Challenge of Family Life' and  'The Role of Women in Society'.   The Grail was instrumental in mobilising young women at a time when they were bursting to break out into the wider world to make it a better place.

Brisbane Grail members Jill Herbert, Jan O'Donoghue, Ann Aboud and Liz Lancaster  and Mackay Grail member Mary Anne Baillie ensured that the Grail was represented at this significant event.  Visitors to the stall included some who had been to marriage preparation courses or had attended meetings at Ballybrac.  Others who knew nothing about the Grail had an opportunity to find out about its vision and achievements.

Bishop Michael  McCarthy (current  bishop of the Rockhampton diocese) presided at the Jubilee mass and mentioned the Grail's 'splendid contribution' in his homily - a proud moment for Grail members who attended.